Windows 10

1. Connect the external displays with video cables and USB cables from the PC. The USB cable must be connected to enable touch functionality. 

2. Press the Windows Key + P together at the same time and change to Extended mode.

3. Click on the Search Icon, and type Control Panel. Then click on Control Panel.

4. Select Hardware and Sound then go to Tablet PC Settings or select View by Large Icons,  and then choose Tablet PC Settings and select Setup

5. Click on Setup to configure the touch displays. 

6. Select the type of input you want to identify, in this case you should select Touch input.

7. There will be a message on one of the displays "Touch this screen to identify it as this touchscreen". Touch the display if the message is on a touch enabled display or, if not, press Enter to move on to the next display. 

8. Press Enter to proceed to the next step to complete your configuration

9. Repeat Steps 5 to 7 to configure the second touch display

10. Test if touch works on both screens (you cannot use the touch of both screens simultaneously).

11. Restart the computer and verify that the touch is still working on both screens.