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Envision Peripherals

Philips 242B9T 24" Touch Screen Monitor, Full HD IPS, 10-Point Capacitive Touch

Model: 242B9T
Walmart # 577132299
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Philips 242B9T 24" Commercial grade touch screen monitor | brilliant interactive display with smooth-touch. brilliant interactive display: - smooth-touch display for Natural, fluid touch response - stylus for fluid and accurate performance with more control - monitor front surface meets IP54 for water & dust resistance - 16: 9 Full HD display for crisp detailed images - Smart contrast for rich Black details - low Blue mode for easy on-the-eyes productivity - less eye fatigue with flicker-free technology - easy Read mode for a paper-like reading experience.

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Philips 242B9T 24" Commercial grade touch screen monitor | brilliant interactive display with smooth-touch. brilliant interactive display: - smooth-touch display for Natural, fluid touch response - stylus for fluid and accurate performance with more control - monitor front surface meets IP54 for water & dust resistance - 16: 9 Full HD display for crisp detailed images - Smart contrast for rich Black details - low Blue mode for easy on-the-eyes productivity - less eye fatigue with flicker-free technology - easy Read mode for a paper-like reading experience.
  • SmoothTouch display for natural and fluid touch controls This Philips display uses 10-point capacitive touch technology for uniform response. You can fully utilize the new capabilities of touch-based applications and bring your old applications back to life. Type 10 fingers or play exciting interactive games with friends. Collaborate interactively with colleagues at school or at work and increase your productivity and efficiency.
  • The front surface of the monitor complies with the IP54 index for water and dust resistance For less perfect environments, you need a monitor designed to withstand water splash and dust penetration, which happens in everyday life. Indices of protection against foreign bodies (IP) established in the international standard IEC / EN 60529 are used to define the levels of effectiveness of the sealing of the electrical enclosures against the penetration of foreign bodies and of the humidity. This Philips display complies with the international IP rating for water and dust resistance, resisting water splash and dust penetration, which happens in everyday life.
  • Full HD 16: 9 display for sharp and detailed images Image quality matters. Regular displays offer quality, but you want more. This display has Full HD resolution 1920 x 1080. With Full HD for clear details combined with high brightness, incredible contrast and realistic colors that make up a real image.
  • SmartContrast for rich, black details SmartContrast is a Philips technology that analyzes the content you display, automatically adjusting colors and controlling the backlight intensity for dynamic contrast enhancement, for the best digital images and video clips, or for games where dark shades are displayed. When selecting Economic mode, the contrast is adjusted, and the backlight is fine-tuned for accurate display of daily office applications and low power consumption.
  • LowBlue Mode for eye-catching productivity Studies have shown that, as ultraviolet rays can cause eye damage, and short-wavelength blue light rays from LED displays can cause eye damage and affect vision over time. Developed for comfort, Philips's LowBlue mode setting uses intelligent software technology to reduce harmful blue light with reduced wavelength.
  • Reduced eye fatigue with scintillation-free technology Due to the way the brightness is controlled in LED and backlight displays, some users experience scintillations on their screens, which causes eye fatigue. Philips scintillation technology applies a new solution to adjust brightness and further reduce scintillations for more comfortable viewing.
  • HDMI ensures universal digital connectivity An HDMI compatible device has all the necessary hardware devices to accept a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) input. The HDMI cable allows high quality digital video and audio signals to be transmitted through a single cable from a PC or from any number of AV sources (including set-top boxes, DVD players, A / V receivers and camcorders).
  • DisplayPort connection for maximum visual elements DisplayPort is a digital connection from PC to monitor without any conversion. With higher capacities than standard DVI, it is perfectly capable of accepting cables up to 15 meters and data transfer up to 10.8 Gbps / sec. With this high performance and zero delay, you get the fastest images and refresh rates - making DisplayPort the best choice not only for general office or home use, but also for demanding games and movies, video editing and more. It also takes into account interoperability through the use of different adapters.
  • SmartStand with adjustable angles for increased productivity Philips SmartStand allows for flexible screen adjustment. Its Z-type structure with uniform inclination, adjustable height and folding capabilities allows it to be used in various ergonomic positions. You can place the stand upright for better tactile control or tilt it backwards for easier drawing or annotation. The bracket even allows the screen to be positioned almost horizontally on the table when needed for certain applications.
  • The word mark / trademark "IPS" and the related patents and technologies are the property of their respective owners.
  • Glove material and thickness: nitrile (0.15 mm), cotton (0.31 mm), CPE (0.03 mm), PVC (0.12 mm)
  • Response time equals SmartResponse
  • See the "SmoothTouch" section of the user manual for more details on operating system compatibility with the touch function.
  • Fast charging complies with USB standard BC 1.2
  • The EPEAT rating is valid only where Philips registers the product. Go to https://www.epeat.net/ for registration status in your country.
  • The monitor may look different from the images shown.
  • Picture / Display Type of LCD screen IPS technology Backlight type W-LED system Screen size 23.8 inches / 60.5 cm Screen treatment Antireflection, 3H, 25% opacity Effective viewing area 527 (H) x 296.5 (V) Length / width ratio 16: 9 Optimal resolution 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz Pixel density 93 PPI Response time (nominal) 5 ms (gray-to-gray) * luminosity 250 cd / m² Contrast ratio (nominal) 1000: 1 SmartContrast 50,000,000: 1 Distance between pixels 0.275 x 0.275 mm Viewing angle 178º (O) / 178º (V) the C / R> 10 Image stabilizer Yes Superior image features SmartImage Color range (typical) NTSC 72% (CIE 1931) Display colors 16.7 m Scanning frequency 30 - 85 kHz (H) / 48 - 75 Hz (V) sRGB Yes EasyRead Yes LowBlue mode Yes
  • touch Touch technology Capacitive projected Touch points 10 points Tactile method Stylus, finger, glove * Touch interface USB Touch glass hardness 7am Active touch zone 527 mm (horizontal) x 296.5 mm (vertical) Operating system Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7; Android 7.1 / 7.0 / 6.0 / 5.0 / 4.4 * Palm rejection area > = 30 x 30 mm Protection against foreign bodies IP54 - only the front tightness Tightness between the touch screen and the frame; tightness between the touch screen and LCD
  • connectivity Signal input VGA (analog) DVI-D (digital, HDCP) DisplayPort 1.2 HDMI 1.4 USB USB 3.1x2 (1 fast charge) * Sync input Separate synchronization Sync to green Audio input / output PC audio input Headphone output
  • omfort Built-in speakers 2 W x 2 User comfort SmartImage entry luminosity Menu Enable / Disable Control software SmartControl Other benefits Lock Kensington VESA support (100x100 mm) Plug & Play compatibility DDC / CI sRGB Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7
  • Support tilt -5 ~ 90 degrees Nail fold 0 ~ 70 degrees Height adjustment 184 (horizontal), 75 (vertical) mm
  • feeding ECO mode <11.5 W (nominal) On mode 16 W (nominal) (EnergyStar 7.0 test method) Standby mode <0.5 W (nominal) Off mode <0.3 W (nominal) Energy labeling class A Operating LED indicator Operation - white Standby mode - white (flashing) Power source external 100-240 V ac, 50-60 Hz
  • dimensions Product with support (max. Height) 554 x 413 x 227 mm Product without support (mm) 554 x 338 x 50 mm Packaging in mm (lxÎxA) 620 x 433 x 168 mm Weight Product with support (kg) 8.15 kg Product without support (kg) 4.86 kg Packaged product (kg) 11.06 kg
  • Operating conditions Temperature range (operating) between 0 ° C and 40 ° C ° C Temperature range (storage) between -20 ° and 60 ° C ° C Relative humidity 20% -80% Altitude Running: +12,000 ft (3,658 m), non-running: +40,000 ft (12,192 m) MTBF (demonstrated) 70,000 hours (without backlighting) sustainability Ecological and energy data EnergyStar 7.0 EPEAT * TCO Edge certificate RoHS WEEE Recyclable packaging material 100% Specific substances Housing without PVC / BFR No mercury Lead free
  • Compliance and standards Regulations and standards CE logo FCC, class B SEMKO EPA UKRAINIAN ICES-003 TUV / GS TUV Ergo CU-EAC housing Front frame Black Back cover Black Foot Black Finish Texture
  • What's in the box? Monitor with support Yes Cable D-Sub cable, HDMI cable, DP cable, USB A-to-B cable, audio cable, power cable User documentation Yes Accessory 1 stylus touch pen (black)


Envision Peripherals
Manufacturer Part Number
Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
8.90 x 21.80 x 13.30 Inches

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Average Rating:(5.0)out of 5 stars

Better than DELL touch screen monitor

Verified purchase

I have tried to find most models online , finally bought this item. Philips products are so great.

  • Assembly
  • Ease of use
  • Adjustment
  • Controls
  • Setup
  • Productivity option
  • Performance
  • Resolution
  • Clarity
  • Appearance
  • Quality
  • Graphics
  • Picture
  • Design
  • Stand
Average Rating:(5.0)out of 5 stars

Great monitor for industrial applications!

We've purchased several (about 10) of these to replace another brand of touch monitor that has not been working well. These are great to keep employees happy and not having to clean the dust off monitors every day to keep them working as with old (6 months) monitors from other brand.

Average Rating:(4.0)out of 5 stars

not a bad monitor

Verified purchase

The monitor functions well. I love the touch screen for distance learning. Minus one star because the unit did not come with a stylus or HDMI cable as Walmart advertised. I emailed Philips and they were not sympathetic at all to my concerns. Rather, they responded that it is noted the items in the box are listed on page 3 of their "official" flier. So, 5 stars for monitor functionality, 3 stars for Walmart ad mistake, 0 stars for Philips customer service.

Average Rating:(4.0)out of 5 stars


Verified purchase

This monitor is very nice. No complaints with the product itself. Beware-it is advertised as including an HDMI cable and stylus pen. NEITHER are included. This also happened to another customer according to their August review.

Average Rating:(1.0)out of 5 stars

Stay away!

Verified purchase

The touch feature quit! And I am 3 weeks past the 30 day window so now I have nothing more than a $300 monitor! Wish I could just exchange it for another monitor ( Samsung curved that I LOVE that is half the $$) very unhappy!

Average Rating:(5.0)out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
  • Ease of use
  • Graphics
  • Clarity
  • Adjustment
  • Resolution
Average Rating:(5.0)out of 5 stars

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