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Industrial Monitors

Industrial touch screen monitors are designed and tested for harsher environments making them much more rugged, compared to typical "office" monitors. They are designed to withstand prolonged shock & vibration, a wide temperature range, and protection from water and dust. All of our monitors can be panel mount, or VESA mounted, depending on your application.

Our high brightness/sunlight readable monitors are ideal for applications in Industrial Automation, Healthcare, Finance/Banking, Education, Gaming/Entertainment, Home Automation, Retail, and Transportation, and pair easily with our Box PCs and Headless HMIs. All our monitors allow you to use gloves and act as touchscreens, reducing the need for a keyboard and mouse allowing for maximum freedom when designing a system.

Capacitive Touch vs Projected Capacitive Touch Technology
Projected Capacitive touch technology measures the capacitance at each electrode in the touchscreen grid, this capacitance is affected when you finger, or stylus, is nearby which means these screens can be used with any type of thin glove.

Typical Capacitive touch screens (also known as Surface Capacitive or non-projected) have an extremely small amount of electrical charge on the glass surface. When you touch the glass with your finger, stylus, or material that can hold a charge, a small amount of electrical charge transfers from the glass to your finger or stylus. The touchscreen senses the decrease in capacitance and detects where you pressed on the screen. This type of touchscreen cannot be used with thin latex gloves for example since latex does not hold a charge.

See article "Why use a Capacitive Touch Screen PC in an Industrial Application?" for more information on uses for capacitive touchscreens in industrial applications.

Maple Systems Products used with Monitors
Our customers typically pair monitors with one of the following items:
Headless HMIs Industrial Box PCs
RMI5001 BPC2311A