CTA Industry Forecasts

One-Year Industry Forecast, 2017-2022

Industry Forecasts

The forecast program is grounded in CTA’s unique position in the industry, drawing upon the perspective of its members, its dedicated team of research analysts, and its deep knowledge of technology adoption. Updated twice a year, the forecast serves as the benchmark for the consumer technology industry, offering an outlook on hundreds of products and services.

CTA U.S. Consumer Technology One-Year Industry Forecast

Our most popular forecast report, the One-Year Industry Forecast provides a broad overview of U.S. market size and shipment volumes for nearly 100 consumer technology products and services

CTA U.S. Consumer Technology Five-Year Industry Forecast

The Five-Year Industry Forecast is CTA’s most comprehensive forecast report, charting U.S. market size and shipment volumes for nearly 300 products and services. This report takes a deep dive into each product category, providing information on new product features and embedded technologies within each segment.  

CTA Five-Year Sector Forecasts

CTA Research has launched five new reports that cover major industry sectors. Each report expands upon the data in the CTA U.S. Consumer Technology Five-Year Industry Forecast and includes insights on growth drivers, consumer behavior and technologies shaping the future of the sector. The reports also highlight data from CTA’s other research reports where relevant. 

Health and Fitness Sector Forecast
Computing Sector Forecast
Smart Home Sector Forecast
Video Sector Forecast
Wireless Sector Forecast

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