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AAAA Battery

The AAAA battery is an Alkaline Cylindrical battery. AAAA Batteries are typically 1.5 Volt with an operating temperature ranging from 0°C- 60°C, while optimal temperature is 20°C

Here at, we carry a variety of AAAA batteries from many of the top brands in the industry. These batteries stand for durability, high capacity, high energy density and reliability. They help to provide reliable performance, high efficiency, and a long service life.

The AAAA battery can be utilized in a wide variety of electronic devices such as Microsoft Surface Pro Stylus, StreamLight Stylus®, Penlights, Flashlights, Mini flash lights, laser pointers, calculators, electronic games, motor toys, movie cameras, portable tape recorders, portable TV set, Bluetooth® headsets, glucose and blood pressure monitors. AAAA battery equivalents are also reffered to as MN2500, MX2500, E96, LR61, 25A-U2, LR8D425, K4A, 25A,GP25A, 4061, X91, Quad A, Quadruple A. These sizes are possible AAAA battery replacements. Please be sure to double check the size and voltage of the battery you need, to avoid any issues.

Actual product packaging and materials may contain more and different information than what is shown on our website.

For large wholesale and B2B orders please contact us directly at (305)-371-9200 

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  1. GP AAAA cell Alkaline 1.5V, 2pack

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AAAA Battery Specifications (Alkaline)

AAAA Battery Height- 42.5mm

AAAA Battery Width- 8.3mm

AAAA Battery Weight- 6.5 grams

AAAA Battery Nominal Voltage- 1.5 V

AAAA Battery Capacity (Avg.)- Alkaline ≈ 600mAh 

AAAA Battery Composition- Alkaline


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