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All In One Interactive Flat Panel

Wholesale interactive flat panel from China, quality is guaranteed, interactive flat panel can be used for conferences, education, advertising, etc. As an interactive flat panel manufacturer, YICHUANG Electronic provides all in one interactive flat panel solutions. 

Interactive flat panel details

Interactive flat panel is an intelligent writing panel, integrating projector, network TV, Speaker, electronic whiteboard, computer, advertising player functions all in one. It is widely used in education and conference. With ultra-narrow bezel design, sliding door lock protection, 4K UHD display, human-machine interaction equipped with interactive whiteboard and wireless screen casting software, it enables multi-user, interconnected interactive teaching mode and more collaborative meetings. 
Interactive flat panels allow for different levels of collaboration. They are set up to facilitate participation by allowing user interaction. There are other terms with the same meaning: interactive whiteboard, digital whiteboard, electronic whiteboard, interactive display, interactive flat panel, LED interactive panel, interactive smart board, etc.  

Function of interactive flat panel

●Support remote conference.

●Support mobile phone, computer, iPad wireless synchronization display and screen projection.

●Flexible and convenient to write and annotate.

●No delay two-way conversation.

●Easy switching between PPT, WORD documents and videos.

●Smart split screen, support multi-screen interaction.

Common applications of all in one interactive flat panel

Education interactive flat panel

The interactive flat panel for education brings greater image clarity and enthusiasm to the classroom, but longer usage times, easy connectivity to a variety of devices, and simple screen sharing make interactive whiteboards the ideal interactive solution for education and business.

Conference interactive flat panel

Interactive flat panels enable interactive collaboration, make discussions more engaging and natural, and inspire innovation and brainstorming, and people are turning to interactive panels for digital whiteboards that support free-form annotation and pen-touch input. all in one interactive flat panel solutions come with built-in cameras, microphones and pluggable OPS computer interface, making the panel ready for immersive video collaboration.


YCZX is a leading interactive flat panel manufacturer and supplier, with more than 17 years OEM/ODM experience and own factory, specializing in 32 inch~110 inch interactive flat panel, smart interactive panel panel, interactive touch panel, R & D, design, production, sales and service. 

If you are looking for wholesale interactive flat panel, let us help you find the best interactive flat panel. Please contact us to provide your detailed requirements, which will help us provide you with a valid quotation.

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