"magasin d'électronique grand public" en anglais

Comment dire "magasin d'électronique grand public" en anglais, la traduction "magasin d'électronique grand public" en anglais :

Magasin d'électronique grand public

Consumer electronics store

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  • Since Europe is involved in fierce competition with Japan here, what is at stake, as has been pointed out, is quite simply the survival of the European electronics industry, not only producers of consumer electronics but also manufacturers of studio equipment and com ponents.
  • SAGEM Société d Applications Générales de l Électricité et de la Mécanique, translated to Company of General Applications of Electricity and Mechanics was a major French company involved in defense electronics, consumer electronics and communication systems.
  • The highest growth rate was expected from digital electronic products e.g. audio and video markets, and the digital part of traditional consumer electronics , while the analog consumer electronics market could almost disappear by 2008.
  • Special presentations were made by Mr. Gye hyun Kwon, Vice President of the Department of Global Public Relations, Samsung electronics, and Dr. Arthur Weyns, Vice President of the consumer electronics Global Affairs, Philips.
  • And then you go to the consumer electronics store to set up a stereo system speakers, CD player, tape player, tuner, amplifier and in this one single consumer electronics store, there are that many stereo systems.
  • Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, online services, and personal computers.
  • GE then sold the rights to make RCA, ProScan and GE branded televisions and other consumer electronics products in 1988 to Thomson consumer electronics, in exchange for some of Thomson's medical businesses.
  • On January 19, 2005, the European Information, Communications, and consumer electronics Technology Industry Associations EICTA announced that HDCP is a required component of the European HD ready label.
  • This, combined with the relatively easy and safe storage and handling of methanol, may open the possibility of fuel cell powered consumer electronics, such as for laptop computers and mobile phones.
  • Japan s global cultural influence grew in areas ranging from fashion, food, and pop music to consumer electronics, architecture, and art. Japanese manufacturers rule the roost in home video games.
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