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When you're shopping for batteries, do the most expensive ones keep your gadgets running longer?

We put 11 different types of AA batteries to a battery of tests and discovered the most expensive battery doesn't always deliver the best value.




Battery Warehouse is the Ultimate Battery Supplier in Baltimore

Battery Warehouse can be trusted for all your battery needs. We sell batteries big and small, from the largest automotive battery to the tiniest watch battery, and every battery, charger, inverter, booster pack in between. Check out the brands and types of batteries we carry. We try to keep all batteries in stock, however with the ever changing market that is hard to do. If we do not have your battery in stock we will try our best to have it at your closest Battery Warehouse next day, or if possible have it shipped to your home or business.

Our corporate headquarters is located in Eldersburg, Maryland. Here we distribute to our Battery Warehouse retail locations while also having a retail store to serve Eldersburg / Sykesville and surrounding areas.


Battery Warehouse is a family-owned-company dating back to 1982. We have 7 locations throughout Maryland offering you convenient and accessible service. Multiple stores are located just off of the Baltimore beltway 695. The staff at each of our locations are here to assist you with your purchases by helping you solve your battery issues and to help choose the right battery for your needs. The installation charge for most batteries is $10, but can be more for the harder ones.

Affordable batteries and Competitively Priced

Battery Warehouse tries its best to keep pricing affordable and competitive with its competition. If you find a better price somewhere else please call one of our locations, and we will be sure you get the best price possible.

Bulk Quantity Discount Batteries

For large orders of all batteries we offer bulk quantity discounts. We will open accounts for customers purchasing multiple times per month. For those with Battery Warehouse accounts they can pay with cash, check, credit card, or purchase order. Orders can be placed directly through our main warehouse in Eldersburg, Maryland, or through any location nearest them. Use our contact form if you would like a quote. 

About Battery Warehouse

Battery Warehouse has over 36 years of experience in the area of battery sales and installation. Whether you need deep cycle batteries for your RV or cell phone batteries for your smart phone, we have what you're searching for. Contact us today!