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Battle Born BB10012


(6 customer reviews)

Battle Born BB10012 lithium-ion battery, 12V deep cycle, 100 Ah, group 31, 3000+ cycles, 8+2 years warranty

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This is one of our best-sellers! Finally a (more) affordable Lithium-ion battery, made by Battle Born, a Reno, Nevada, based company. Also see our Finding Happiness with Lithium-Ion article, explaining the care and feeding of these batteries.

Do You Need a CSL500?

The warranty conditions for Battle Born batteries require the use of their CSL500 surge limiter with their batteries, when used with an inverter equal to or larger than 3,500 Watt or DC motors or air-conditioners. Warranty will be denied in cases where the battery is damaged while using such an inverter, A/C, or motor without a CSL500. This is regardless of the overall battery bank Voltage (12/24/48 Volt) or number of batteries connected in parallel. For multiple inverters over 3,500 Watt one CLS500 can be used up to 8,000 Watt total. For inverters 8,000 Watt or greater, one CSL500 for each inverter is needed.

Just 1/3 the weight of lead-acid, zero maintenance, and thousands more cycles vs. lead-acid. Battle Born Batteries offer an economic alternative when space and weight matter, such as for boat trolling motors and RV applications.

Battle Born lithium-ion batteries are true deep-cycle batteries, they can repeatedly be discharged a full 100% without damage. The battery has a build-in battery management system (BMS). The BMS allows them to be charged with regular solar PV charge controllers, with the same settings as for any other sealed battery (such as AGM batteries). The BMS also takes care of protecting the batteries from over- and under-charge, low Voltage disconnect, over-current, and automatic balancing of the cells.

Charge settings for Battle Born batteries:

  • Bulk/absorb = 14.2 – 14.6 Volt, with 14.4 Volt ideal
  • Absorb time = about two hours, or until the current drops to 5A or less.
  • Float = not needed, set to 13.6 Volt or less
  • No equalize, or set to 14.4 Volt if it can’t be disabled
  • No temperature compensation, set to 0
  • Charge rate of 50 – 60A or less is preferred for longevity, though up to 100A is possible
  • Battery has to be warmer than -4 Centigrade (25F), or the BMS will not allow charging, discharge works fine up to -20C (-4F)

The maximum discharge rate is 100 Amp continuous, 200 Amp for 30 seconds, and about 500 Amp for 1/2 second for cranking and such.

Battle Born batteries can be connected in series and parallel to increase the bank Voltage and Ah rating. For example, two BB10012 batteries in series will make a 24 Volt / 100 Ah battery bank. Two in series and two in parallel will make for 24 Volt / 200 Ah etc. Any number of batteries can be connected in series/parallel, as long as overall battery bank Voltage is 48V or less (so no more than 4 in series). Parallel strings of batteries will increase the charge and discharge rates (i.e. 200A for two parallel strings etc.). Ask us if you have any questions about properly sizing a battery bank.

Battle Born batteries use LiFePO4 chemistry (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate). This is very stable and is not sensitive to spontaneous combustion, in comparison to laptop and cell-phone lithium-ion batteries (which use Lithium-Cobalt-Phosphate chemistry). The cells have build-in protection for over-pressure, over-temperature, contain a fire-retardant in the electrolyte and casing, and have a stainless steel jacket. These are very safe batteries!

Because lithium-ion batteries can be discharged to 100% DOD, and this can be done for more cycles, a smaller battery bank can suffice vs. lead-acid. Since there is no off-gassing these batteries can be mounted indoors.


  • Zero maintenance!
  • No memory effect
  • Compatible with standard charge controllers
  • 12 Volt, 100 Amp hour @ 20 hr discharge rate
  • Only 1/3 weight of lead-acid & small footprint!
  • Dimensions very close to group 31 battery size
  • Very low self-discharge rate, holds charge up to 1 year
  • Can be mounted in any orientation, zero off-gassing, no dangerous acid
  • Active cell management through included battery management system (BMS)
  • Long lifespan, true deep-cycle: 3000 cycles at 100% DOD, more if discharged less
  • 8 years full warranty, plus 2 years pro-rated, total 10 years warranty



Battle Born Batteries

Mnfr. model


Battery type


Battery Voltage

12 Volt

Amp-hours (20-hour)

100 Ah


32.4 cm (12.8")


17.5 cm (6.9")


22.9 cm (9.0")


14.1 kg (31.1 lbs)


8 + 2 Years

6 reviews for Battle Born BB10012

  1. Chris

    I just purchased (2) BB10012 batteries and they were shipped really fast. They were packaged really well but didn’t like the Styrofoam peanuts. I think you can use something better like news paper because the box that the BB’s come in have foam protection as well. They are very well built and come with bolts for your terminals. If you get excited about batteries these definitely will do it! I gave them a full charge which took no time at all. I have them now hooked together in parallel so they can balance themselves while I prepare to hook them up. I can’t wait to start using them! Thanks Solacity, for stocking all your great solar products.

    • Rob Beckers (verified owner)

      Thank you for your review Chris! Much appreciated!

      The peanuts we use are not styrofoam; actually they are made from starch, and they biodegrade really quickly. In fact, hold one under the tap and you can see it fall apart in the water (you can eat them too, though I wouldn’t recommend that!). We pay a little extra and only buy the biodegradable kind.

      The reason we pack them in a second (larger) box with peanuts, despite the sturdy foam shell Battle Born puts around them, is because we had several batteries dropped and cracked by Fedex. I would love to ship them in their own box, but this gets really expensive really fast!


  2. Terry Miskimin

    Bought a Battleborn 100 ah battery from Solacity just about a year ago for use in a remote camp for a DC electric fridge and cabin lights and radios. Solacity was a pleasure to deal with every step of the way. The battery has performed flawlessly summer and winter. The voltage stays fairly consistent between 13 and 13.3 volts until the capacity is nearly used up. It charges very quickly compared to lead acid as you can charge at up to 50 amps safely according to the manufacturer recommendations. My charge controller maxes out at 40 amps and I have seen it hit that value a number of times on bright sunny days. When you are allowed to charge with that high of a current it sure speeds up the charging process compared to lead acid batteries which theoretically on a 100 amp hour battery you should not charge at over 10 amps without risking damaging the battery. Even in winter, we have used the battery and had no issues as the battery can be kept inside the camp due to the fact that it does not give off hydrogen gas when charging. In winter you can use the battery when it is cold but you can’t charge it until the battery warms up above freezing. Once the wood stove has warmed up the building, the next day we simply turn on the breaker for the solar panels and let the battery charge again. When leaving the camp at the end of the trip we turn off the solar breakers and the battery breakers until returning the next time.

    The only issue we have faced so far is when we left our solar dc fridge/freezer running for an extended period when there were a number of days of rain with no charging, the battery got depleted and the charge controller turned off the load output to protect the battery but never turned it back on so the food was all thawed by the time we returned on the next trip. This was not really the fault of the battery but more so the charge controller. I now have the fridge/freezer directly connected to the battery rather than going through the charge controller load output. The fridge also has a battery protection feature to ensure it doesn’t run the battery down.

    All in all a great battery and great experience with Solacity.

    Highly recommend both.

  3. Brad

    Just recently purchased a battleborn battery and charger. I received my purchase within five days. It was exceptionally well packed and customer service with Vlad was extremely helpful. I would and probably will do business with solacity again in the future.

  4. Marek (verified owner)

    I originally purchased two of the batteries for my DIY off-grid solar setup back in December of 2019 — all I can say is wow! Phenomenal product, especially when paired with high quality supporting equipment like the Victron BMV-712. I just recently ordered a third and was assisted by Rob (the owner), as well as Klara — talk about great customer service. Yes, these batteries are pricey… But they are an investment and the ROI over the long run in terms of total cycles, function, reliability, LiFePO4 peace of mind, etc. make them the best choice on the market IMHO. Considering they are the only reseller of these above the border (or at least that I’m aware of), they are priced fairly and the fast shipping speeds, solid packaging, great customer service, and warranty make them a no-brainer. This is a small business worth supporting! Keep up the great work team and if you’re looking for a solid battery (or multiple), look no further!

  5. Brian Stokes

    Bought two Battleborn batteries for my van build. Solacity was great to deal with, fast shipping for a reasonable price and packaging was fantastic. Would definitely buy from them again.

  6. Todd Shea (verified owner)

    I purchased one Battle Born 12 volt in the spring of 2019 to test out for my off grid solar setup. Loved it – sold my 6 lead acid batteries and purchased 2 more 12 volt battle borns. I should have been getting 300 ah but my calculations kept coming up around 220. Brought the batteries home in the fall and did some bench testing. Turns out Battery #3 was only providing about 30 ah before shutting down, I called the folks at Solacity – they got in touch with Battle Born – and replaced the battery right away. I took all three batteries up this summer (2020) and they worked flawlessly – Vlad also helped me with the bill of material for my solar panel setup, racking, hardware, wiring etc. We are a 9 hour drive north of Ottawa so we had to get it right and they did – great bunch of people at Solacity.

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