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How to Shop for a Monitor with Touchscreen Capabilities

As technology advances, so does the way we use computers. Whether youre looking for a large touchscreen or a small one to enhance the way you complete tasks, HP makes several different types that can complement to your home office or office.

Why Choose a Touchscreen Monitor?

Some users may ask, "why use a touchscreen monitor in the first place?" True, it does make more sense on a laptop, when the touchscreen is basically in your lap, but there are a few reasons to opt for a touchscreen for your desktop HP Pavilion or other computer as well.

  • More intuitive use. While your mouse and hand-eye coordination do a good job or clicking on links, the touch of a finger is much more intuitive. In short, you can be much more precise with a finger than you can be with a mouse. For some types of operations, this is important.
  • Always a backup option. Should your mouse or its related drivers fail, with a touch screen monitor, you have a simple backup option in order to open your Start menu on Windows 10, or to perform other options.
  • Good for graphics or other tasks. The preciseness of using your finger instead of a mouse is a good way to perform functions, especially when it comes to graphic design.

What Are Some Touchscreen Monitor Features?

When searching for a monitor for your all-in-one PC or HP Pavilion desktop, there are some features to look for. 

  • Opt for HDMI over VGA. A VGA connector is the "old" type of connector, while HDMI is the more seamless way to connect. Some monitors may even connect via USB, pending on their set up. HP also uses DisplayPort technology.
  • Response time. A screens response time (denoted in ms) is very important. The quicker the response time, the better the graphics.
  • Computer components are important. Ensure you have a large hard drive with a lot of storage space, as well as an Intel Core quad-core or an Intel Core radeon processor. This helps process graphics more quickly.

What Are Benefits of Buying an All-in-One PC?

There are several benefits when it comes to buying an all-in-one, and many PCs now offer this package or bundle to make things easier for the end user. When you opt for an all-in-one, you typically get in the box:

  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Operating system 
  • Required cords and software

Essentially, this makes your computer a plug and play product.  More an more all-in-ones are offering benefits such as touch screen monitors, or wireless keyboards, to make the experience even more seamless. 

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