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Use Monitors with Touchscreens for Intuitive and Natural Controls

Touch-based input and output technology has come a long way since the invention of the first finger-driven touchscreen in 1965. With its adoption in modern smartphones and computer displays, it has opened up new ways to interact with electronic devices in intuitive and natural ways. You can use tactile controls even on a desktop computer by purchasing touchscreen monitors with HDMI or VGA ports to enjoy fluid interactions with your machine.

Why Would I Need a Touchscreen Monitor?

  • Intuitiveness: With the invention of the first touchscreen phone in 1993, the possibility of touch technology becoming the standard was realized. Because of how humans naturally move things via tactile senses, the brain easily adopts the concept of touch control. This makes it extremely intuitive, allowing it to be the standard in how people control their computers and smart devices.
  • P.O.S. Systems: While the mouse and keyboard systems are still used in the service industry, tactile monitors have proved to be more efficient because of how quick the human mind can memorize the placement of buttons. Simply put, punching in orders is much more fluid and natural than using other pointing devices.
  • Entertainment: These monitors have added entertainment value because of the tactile controls. Many computer operating systems have touch-based games available for purchase and download so you can easily have fun using your monitor. From puzzle games to adventure and action titles, gaming on large touchscreen monitors has become a viable concept.
  • Signage: You may be familiar with screens found at accessible areas around malls and other large building complexes. These are navigation consoles where shoppers and customers can locate their destinations with ease. This can cut down on expenses for hiring assistants and other personnel while effectively directing guests via the visuals. These LCD screens can also be used for signs at restaurants and other establishments like banks. Here, people can subscribe to services, make purchases, or get priority numbers.

What Are the Types of Touchscreen Monitors?

  • Touch Integrated: An example of a Samsung touchscreen monitor is the LS24C770TS, a 24-inch LED-lit display with a 1080p resolution. It is capable of multitouch for complex gestures and multiplayer games. The tactile sensor is integrated into the whole system so that you only need to buy the whole monitor to enjoy tactile controls. This differs from larger Samsung computer monitors or displays built for different purposes like for sprawling signage.
  • Screen Overlay: Other types of touchscreens are very large and meant for interactive digital signage. These displays have optional components that allow buyers to enhance the experience by allowing visitors to interact with the screen. These can go up to 85-inch sizes with UHD or 4K resolution.

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