Computer and Consumer Electronics Industries

Companies that design and/or manufacture electronics for the computer and consumer market have unique issues in regards to ensuring product quality and reliability. Consumer demands can often lead to rapid insertion of new technologies. High volumes and low cost margins require high yield and low infant mortality. Ensuring customer satisfaction results in the need for very accurate reliability prediction. And all of these demands must fall within tight cost constraints and time-to-market requirements.

This section of the CALCE EPSC website has been created to assist designers, quality specialists and reliability engineers within the computer and consumer electronics market. It highlights resources and solutions that are of particular interest to this sector. This includes:
  • Insertion of the latest technologies: embedded passives, MEMS devices, photonics and opto-electronic devices, lead-free solder, flip chip packaging.
  • Ensuring high yield and low infant mortality through assessment of your supply chain: component manufacturers, component distributors, board fabricators, contract assemblers
  • Using physics-of-failure based reliability prediction to meet customer expectations: virtual qualification and design-for-reliability (DFR), reliability of liquid crystal displays, qualifying flux chemistries, the effect of impact and mechanical shock (mobile devices)

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions or are looking for solutions and innovation to decrease life-cycle risks for your next generation of electronic products and systems. We look forward to working together with you.

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