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Consumer Electronics Distributors in Canada

If you are looking for the right wholesalers, distributors and vendors for consumer electronics in Canada, then you have come to the right place. Because this article intends to introduce you to some of the most advanced and reliable distributors in Canada to help you easily identify the right suppliers. 

This article also helps you save your time by skipping the process of random searches through Google search engine and helps you land directly on the website of your desired wholesalers and distributors.

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Now let’s explore TOP distributors and wholesale suppliers in Canada for consumer electronics so you can source products instantly. 


CellnTell is one of the largest wholesale vendor for traders of Consumer Electronics in Canada. You can head over to their website from the link given above.

They deal in some of the most popular and in demand categories of electronics but we will mention a few of them for your convenience.

These are the popular categories they deal in:

  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Tech Gadgets
  • Wearables
  • Accessories
  • Cell Phone Parts

These are the most polular categories. You will have to sign up with them for retail partners program to buy in bulk.

Budget Electronics

Next, we would like you to look at Budget Electronics that is based in Canada for their amazing product selection and you can easily find some of the most trending and in-demand products to consider for your retail business.  

They offer almost all types of cell phone accessories and computer gadgets and their website beautifully display them. We are going to list some of the categories for your consideration.

  • Charging Cables
  • Car & Home Chargers 
  • Screen Protectors
  • Wired headsets
  • Cell Phone Parts
  • Batteries 
  • Power Banks 
  • Bluetooth Headsets 
  • Cases
  • Music Player
  • Consumer Accessories
  • Memory Cards
  • Drones
  • Cameras 
  • Gifts
So these are some of the most viable categories on their website that you can check. 
Wireless Explosion

If you are looking for a supplier that is centered on cell phones and most of his products revolves around smart phones, you must consider Wireless Explosion. It is based in Toronto City of Canada and has the largest collections of tech gadgets and consumer electronics in the niche of smart phones and related items. 

They have a good number of brands on their list which are:

  • Apple 
  • Samsung 
  • Google  
  • Kingston
  • Zankoo 
  • Whoosh

And many others that you can view on their website.

The main categories of their products are:

  • IPhones
  • Androids
  • Cables 
  • Chargers 
  • Audio
  • Screen Glasses 
  • Mounts etc.

Overall, Wireless Explosion can be classified as good and reliable distributor.

Electro CW

Now, let me introduce you to another wholesale supplier that is Laptops and Computers centered in terms of their products and claims to trade internationally but their headquarters are basically located in Canada. They welcome bulk trade relations.

The main categories of items on their website are;

  • Laptops 
  • Desktops/Towers PC
  • LCDs and more

So if you are looking for both new and refurbished laptops and computers, you can head over to them. 


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