How We Serve Consumer Electronics

The consumer electronics industry relies on Field Agent to understand what's happening in-store and among shoppers. We mobilize on-demand workers to furnish electronics brands with retail information, shopper insights, and digital product demonstrations.


How are TVs being merchandised in stores? We can show you TV walls, promos, demos, and more.

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From smart speakers to mobile phones, we collect the photos and info to help devices succeed at-retail.

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We help brands keep tabs on tablets, with instant visibility into electronics departments everywhere.

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Anywhere, anytime. Our agents can show you how laptops are being merchandised in-store.

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It can be hard to keep track of electronics accessories inside stores. We make it easy.

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Phone Cases

Our agents keep brands in-the-know about phone cases and how they're being sold in stores.

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Solutions for All Consumer Electronics

Some of the specific ways Field Agent can serve your brand


Grow sales of consumer electronics through greater visibility


Explore shopper attitudes, behaviors toward electronics

Mystery Shopping

See the shopper experience wherever electronics are sold

Digital Demos

Raise awareness and drive sales of electronics brands


For TV Brands

With Field Agent, TV brands can stay tuned to retail promotions and in-store conditions. Any time, completely on-demand.

To demonstrate, Field Agent dispatched 50 agents to both Walmart and Best Buy, where they collected photos and information about 8 different TV brands. Here’s a sample of what we learned.

"For the most part they have all the brands on promotion except for the smaller size TVs. A few hundred off the bigger TVs, free delivery as well."  -Agent Quote


For Devices

Field Agent helps mobile devices and carriers remain vigilant about displays and demos.

We sent 25 agents to audit Google and Amazon devices at Best Buy stores in 5 states, where they inventoried demos and reported which were on promotion.

"All demos are in working order and have an eye-catching display."  -Agent Quote


For Tablets

How are shoppers interacting with your tablets in stores? Are your products on promotion, on display, in demo mode?

Field Agent audited 25 Best Buy stores to determine how many were showcasing iPads in demo mode.

"They had a lot of products to choose from, however, disappointed that only one had a promotion bundle."  -Agent Quote


For Laptops

Field Agent offers a first-hand look at laptop brands in stores everywhere. All from the shopper’s perspective.

Twenty-five of our agents collected photos and information about Lenovo displays inside Best Buy stores.

"There were several options but they need to be more organized."  -Agent Quote


For Accessories

Need instant visibility into which electronics accessories are available in stores? You got it. 

Our agents went to 25 AT&T stores scattered across the country, capturing photos and info about phone accessories. Here’s a taste of the data.

"There was only one AT&T product I saw, and that was the car charger. Not a full wall presentation."  -Agent Quote


For Phone Cases

Are retailers keeping your phone cases in stock and available for purchase? Our agents can tell you, on-demand.

We sent 25 agents to audit Samsung phone-case displays at AT&T stores in 5 states.

"There was a limited amount of variety in my opinion. Samsung didn't have any promotion, however Apple did."  -Agent Quote

Let Us Prove It to You

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