Why India is lagging Behind in Electronics manufacturing ? What are the solutions?

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I am Gijo Vijayan from Kerala, I am a blogger, author and entrepreneur from 2005 on wards.My education is B.Tech in Mechanical engineering and I worked in Reliance Petroleum Ltd before I plunged into own business. I am also author of 3 books in USA all available in Amazon.com.

I am writing this blog because of a special reason, I want to tell bluntly to all of you that India is today a BIG ZERO in indigenous electronics manufacturing. All the electronics and Mobile Phone manufacturing being done here is by foreign companies and we are mere consumers. A nation of 135 crore people do not know how to produce the basic devices.

We do not have a single Indian company that manufacture

1. Photo Copy Machines

2. Digital Camera

3. Mobile Phone

4. Android TV

6. Mobile Phone display

7. Computer Chip

8. Computer hard disk

9. Mobile Phone Chips

10. Thousands of other electronic components needed for electronic manufacturing

11. CCTV Camera

12. Computer Printers

13. Computer Projector

14. Electronic Musical Devices

If the rest of the world stop selling their products to us or stop manufacturing here, we are doomed. We will come to the ground and this is the SAD truth of the day.

What is the basic reason why India is so poor in Electronics Manufacturing?

Reason one: Indian people have low IQ, they are not capable of inventing new things, this can be a common man’s view, but I strongly refute this. Indian people have high IQ and they are behind almost all major inventions in electronics including Pentium chips, but not in India but Outside India.

1. Mr.Vinod Dham — is popularly known as the Father of the Pentium chip, for his contribution to the development of highly successful Pentium processors from Intel.

2. Ajay Bhatt — He is credited for inventing the most widely used data transfer standard, the Universal Serial Bus (USB).

3. Mr.Pranav Mistry — is a computer scientist and inventor, he heads the Think Tank Team and is best known for his work on SixthSense, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Project Beyond.

4. Mr.Anadish Pal — He is credited with inventing the fuel-efficient internal combustion engine along with his contribution and patents on Rail Gun technology, gravitational waves, portable power sources. Today, he is the country’s sole independent inventor with the maximum number of US patent grants.

5. Mr.Krishna Bharat — Krishna Bharat is a Principal Scientist at Google Inc, working in the area of user interface and algorithmic support for Web search and content analysis. Krishna is the person behind immensely popular Google News.

6. Dr.Narinder Singh Kapany — is named as one of the 7 ‘Unsung Heroes’ by Fortune Magazine and is widely recognized as the ‘Father of Fiber Optics’ for his pioneering work in Fiber Optics technology.

There are thousands of such examples.

So, Indian people have low IQ when it comes to electronic manufacturing is wrong. A section of Indian scientists and students/engineers have high IQ and they can create anything, if given a proper environment.

Reason one: The Indian companies think that manufacturing electronic devices in India is a foolishness when plenty of stuff is available from China, Vietnam, Taiwan etc. These Indian companies import electronic devices rebrand the same and sell in the market as — MADE IN INDIA product without shame.

So, the shameless traders and large companies in India are the real culprits who block India from starting or inventing its own devices. They do not see the need for it, moreover they feel that it is impossible to compete with China in terms of price. So in the lower end and higher end of electronic manufacturing, India today remain a big ZERO.

It is the “BANIYA MINDSET” of the Indian companies and traders that is preventing us from creating our own electronic devices. We never feel the need to invent new things, nor we try for the same. Some brilliant students and inventors who wants to create something new do not have capital and they are unable to create inventions.

I recently had a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE from a large so called electronics manufacturing company from South India. This company employs 6000 people. They import CCTV cameras from China and Taiwan, rebrand the same and sell in the market as “ MADE IN INDIA” product without shame. This large company does not have an R&D division and is full of people with “ZERO CREATIVITY”.

I have a friend of mine from Japan who is the CTO of a large electronics manufacturing company there. This company manufacture CCTV cameras, thermal cameras, solar panels etc using their own patented technologies. This company was keen to start its own manufacturing in India and I connected this company CTO with CEO of a large “ So called electronics manufacturing Company in South India”. There were 3 Online meetings and we tried to convince them about the importance of Joint venture and starting electronics manufacturing in Joint venture with Japanese company, but it did not work out.

All the large so called Mobile Phone/ electronic manufacturing companies work for foreign companies, they assemble components from China, Taiwan, Vietnam etc and sell in the market and Cheat Indian people. These stupid companies have ZERO capabilities and they have “BANIYA MINDSET”. The senior staff working in these companies are mostly stupid and Low IQ people who is afraid of Change and they will beat down anyone who tries to bring in change in the existing “BANIYA MINDSET” ecosystem.

The large companies in India are not interested in electronics manufacturing, they want to trade and make huge profits. They never encourage invention or invest in R&D that will pave way for creating new stuffs.

So what is the end result of this “BANIYA MINDSET” and ZERO creativity?

1. India imported Rs 3.59 lakh crore worth of electronic goods from the world during April-February 2019–20. Out of this, imports from China stood at Rs 1.42 lakh crore or 40% of total imports, notes a report by the World Trade Center (WTC) Mumbai.

2. China became rich by selling cheap electronics devices to India and they used this money against India by funding Pakistan and other countries who are enemies of India.

Before banning imports from China, the Baniyas of INDIA flooded the market with cheap imports and destroyed thousands of local companies. These Baniyas prevent India from becoming a manufacturing hub.

They are also responsible for eroding billions of dollars of dollars from India in terms of foreign exchange.

The sad truth is that we are unable to create even small devices that are completely made in India selling worldwide.

Given below is a class example of a small HD Projector selling worldwide.

PIQO — World’s smallest HD Projector. Watch Movies from your Mobile/Computer on Large Screen. Indian companies can make such devices and ship worldwide.

Reason No:2: Policies of Government of India are one of the major reasons for India is so weak in indigenous electronics manufacturing. The government never took interest in creating institutions like ISRO in electronic manufacturing and allowed foreign imports to thrive. It never encouraged inventions and R&D, make in India hype alone can’t solve the problem. India need to build companies like SAMSUNG, SONY, APPLE, HUAWEI etc that does all manufacturing, inventions, R&D by themselves and create new products almost every week all by themselves.

We do not have anyone such company in India in electronics manufacturing, we are now major assembly hub for MNC companies around the world who sell their products here with premium price and extract money from India in a big way. So, I want the government policies to change and create a positive ecosystem so that we create our companies that manufacture consumer electronic goods and sell worldwide. Then only we can become rich and Powerful. Today China’s economy is more than 5 times that of India only because of strong electronic manufacturing ecosystem in place and huge government support to companies there.

We must use the same tricks used by China to become a global electronics manufacturing hub. What all needs to be done?

  1. We need to create R&D institutions like ITRI of Taiwan, which is the hub of electronic inventions. They have a strong R&D team and hold thousands of patents in electronics manufacturing. The micro LED display technology used by apple devices was developed by ITRI of Taiwan. We need to create many R&D institutions in India and encourage inventions.

2. China became an electronic manufacturing hub by providing billions of dollars subsidy to plastics, polypropylene, Polyethylene and other basic plastic used in electronic manufacturing. This will considerably reduce the cost of manufacturing and we too can bring out low cost electronic devices to market fully made in India.

3. Funding must be available to young entrepreneurs who are inventors and who wants to create new devices. Do not make them struggle. The large companies in India with their BANIYA MINDSET will not change, they are interested to sell cheap products from abroad and make money.

4. India need to encourage its entrepreneurs to create world-class brands in electronic manufacturing, We can do it here, what we need is right mindset and right ecosystem. When we make a device completely manufactured in India with our own technology without depending on anyone, then only we can claim that “MAKE IN INDIA” is a success. Allowing foreign companies to assemble products here is not the solution. Indian companies need to create SUPER BRANDS that sell worldwide. That must be our aim.

Here is an example of a Cheap import from CHINA to INDIA.



The electronics manufacturing ecosystem need to be created first in India. We need to encourage innovations in technology. Manufacturing need a special DNA. It is tough and only those companies that take responsibility alone will succeed. INDIA is extremely poor in TOOLING TECHNOLOGIES that is used in crating electronic devices. We need to start “TOOLING ENGINEERING” course in at least 1000 engineering colleges in India and teach Tooling skills to thousands of people here so that we have skilled manpower who can create anything. We have to rope in experienced people in electronic manufacturing and start making things happen. Huge industrial clusters need to be developed and Indian companies that are interested to create new devices must be given all support from the government. We need a minister and IAS officers ant the central government who think like scientists and not like BANIYAS.

As long as government and companies here do not change the “BANIYA MINDSET” India will remain a big ZERO in indigenous electronics manufacturing. Now we are spending billions of dollars every month to import electronic devices from all over the world. This must stop and INDIA must become a major export hub for electronic manufacturing. Indian companies must throw away their “BANIYA MINDSET” and become innovators. Try to create something new everyday, take responsibility, encourage R&D and bring glory to nation like ISRO that created rockets right from scratch without any external help. Indian people have the brain and IQ to develop world-class products. What we lack is the will to do it. If INDIA becomes the electronic manufacturing hub of the world, it is good for everyone. We must not depend on enemy countries for our electronics imports anymore. The electronic devices that we import from enemy countries can possess a severe security threat for the country in the coming years. So we must change our mindset and think like scientist to develop electronic manufacturing in India. Provide funding and tax incentives to companies that wants to create a big change in electronics manufacturing here. Give huge funding to engineering colleges and churn out skilled labour in electronics manufacturing on the long run. The young Indian people can change the existing “BANIYA MINDSET” and usher a new India that is self reliant, rich and powerful in electronics manufacturing.

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