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Translation of "key money" in Japanese

There are no other expenses such as deposit key money and renewal fee, but it will be renewed every two years.
It can be used for periods starting from one month, and no deposit or key money is required.
Landlord must refund key money and deposit to lessee within 2 months after lessee move out.
No key money, gift money, just first month's rent and utilities and the contract fee, and I can move in.
Security deposit key money, expenses upon exit are all unnecessary!
Finally you pay all necessary expenses such as deposit, key money, insurance, rent money and so on.
When renting an apartment, you may need to pay two to four months' worth of expenses as key money and security deposit in addition to the rental fee and a guarantor.
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静かな住宅地 インターネット wifi 京浜東北 上中里3分 東北本線尾久駅 7分 山手線 駒込駅 12分 山手線 田端駅 12分 京浜東北線 上中里 3分 都電 梶原駅 3分 都バス 池袋行き バス停 3分 都バス 浅草行き バス停 4分 敷金 礼金一切ありません メールお待ちいたしております
There are differences according to region and property, but it is common that key money is about the equivalent of 0 to 2 month's rent and security deposit is about the equivalent of 1 to 3 month's rent.
Air-conditioned/ furnished/ Wi-Fi free Deposit key money 0 yen, short-term contract OK, no other expenses!
エアコン・家具付・Wi-Fi 無料 敷金礼金0円・短期契約OK・その他費用なし!
Espla Kami-Itabashi:TOKYO SHAREHOUSE No deposit, key money, or guarantors needed!
エスプラ上板橋:東京シェアハウス 敷金、礼金、保証金不要!
There is no need for security, key money, fees, guarantors, etc.
Real Estate-Related Terms Advance payment of security deposit, key money, and compensation money...
feature | TULIP REAL ESTATE Non-refundable deposit, key money, renewal fees and broker's commission...
チューリップ不動産の特徴 | 東京 女性専用の可愛い・安全・駅に近いシェアハウス チューリップ不動産 戻らない敷金・礼金・更新料に仲介手数料... 。
It is unnecessary to deposit money, key money, brokerage fee etc required for other rental, and furniture home appliances are also attached, so the initial cost can be greatly reduced!
And just like all Oakhouse apartments, it's fully furnished with furniture and appliances, and of course there is no key money or agency fee, and you don't need a guarantor or renewal fee!
Fortunately, I could move into the room without paying key money, security deposit, cleaning fee and brokerage fee.I only need to pay rent and payment deposit (which will be refunded after leaving).
Japanese culture-specific customs such as deposits (shiki-kin), key money (reikin), and the guarantor system are unnecessary to live in KIV, therefore you can start new life in Japan smoothly.
In addition, cooking utensils are also available, so you can start living immediately after moving in. The apartment is auto-locking and there is a delivery locker. Smoking is not allowed in the room, smoking is allowed under the kitchen ventilation fan It will be provided for 30,000 yen per month, including utility bills, internet charges, key money, and no deposit.
マンションはオートロックで宅配ロッカーもあります。 室内喫煙不可、キッチン換気扇の下でのみ喫煙可。光熱費、インターネット代込み、礼金、敷金もなしの月額3万円で提供します。
This is a key money slide.
これはお金になるスライド(money slide)です。
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