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Solar Street & Roadway Lighting Systems

SEPCO’s solar-powered street lighting systems are an efficient means of providing lighting without the need for standard utility power. Every system provides cost savings by eliminating the need to trench standard electric wires for installation and providing no electric bill for the system's life. Solar street lights have been installed on streets, roadways, highways, freeways, neighborhood streets, rural roads, etc., and provide security, sustainability, and an overall green image.

Solar Street Lighting

Features & Benefits

  • Grid-free solar lighting for streets and roadways
  • Lower costs for installation and zero electricity bills
  • Multiple control options for various needs
  • 5 years maintenance-free and warranty up to 25 years
  • Rated to meet local AASHTO ratings
  • Made in the USA in Stuart, FL


Every SEPCO solar-powered street lighting system comes complete with a self-contained solar power assembly sized to run the specified solar light fixture as per the requirements set by the customer. Our team designs each system by the power consumed by the fixture and available sun provided by the geographical location of installation. The battery backup provides a minimum of five days of autonomy for extended battery life and considers local weather conditions.


Solar power assemblies range from 30 Watts to 550 Watts, and battery assemblies are available from 36 Amp-hours to 672-Amp hours. The complete system comes with the controller to operate the light fixtures per the specified operation profile set up with the solar specialist during project analysis. The solar and battery are selected to operate the load for the set period of time with plenty of backup power for times of inclement weather.


Various style fixtures are available, from standard Cobrahead fixtures to architectural style fixtures. Each fixture provides the needed lighting levels and distribution pattern to provide the perfect lighting solution to meet the application's requirements. Some fixtures feature Dark Sky, FWC, and Turtle Friendly options.


Fixture arms range from short straight arms to long upsweep side of pole brackets. Poles are all designed with the complete system aesthetic in mind and ensure structural integrity to handle the local wind load requirements of the installation area. 

Solar Street Lighting Projects

Dania Beach FL

Hurricane Resistant Solar Residential Street Lighting System


Solar Powered Street Lighting

Bradenton Beach FL

Turtle Friendly Roadway Lighting

ATTC Manufacturing

Entrance Roadway Solar LED Lighting

Martin County Airport

LED Solar Street Lighting Night

Martin County Airport

Solar LED Street Lighting Day

Westwood Villas Bahamas

Solar LED Residential Roadway Lighting

Cape Canaveral

Turtle Friendly Solar Street and Pathway Lighting Systems

Dallas Community College

Solar LED Campus Roadway Lighting

Solar Street Lighting Systems

SolarViper System

SolarASL System

SolarRAR System

SolarUrban System

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